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Minerva is Coming

This project is one that has completely overtaken all of my creative instincts. I did a ballpoint pen sketch one day and ended up with a character I can't get out of my head. Her design has changed ever so slightly since her first envisioning, but her energy and spirit remains the same. I am very happy to finally be formally introducing you all to Minerva.

A Bit About Minerva

Minerva is a powerful demonic entity. She is as old as time itself and equally bored. Most of her days are spent watching her scrying flame like it was a television set. Peering into the lives of lost souls who have yet to fully damn themselves. She realized long ago that those who are truly wicked rarely need encouragement to be evil.

Every so often, Minerva grows bored with observing and visits the mortal realm to interact with humans, create a little chaos, and maybe bring back a souvenir or two. Her first book will follow her on one of these outings.

What I'm Up To

I've already got book one scripted out. I'm currently locking in the critical design elements and getting my reference sheets ready so I can knock out the sequential artwork and start getting this book into people's hands! I have an editor locked in and I am fully prepared to letter the whole thing myself, because it's a heavily visual story that doesn't actually have much dialogue. Depending on how sales for the merchandise and promotional materials goes, I'd like to potentially commission some pinups from other artists to include in this, or upcoming books, that will feature Minerva and/or Adra.

I'll keep the updates coming, because progress is going pretty damn well for a solo production. I look forward to sharing this project with you!



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