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Who is Leanore?

Traditional, Digital, Fine Art, Illustration and More...

Leanore was born to be an artist. Creative from day 1, the urge to learn and explore the world of art and creativity was never in short supply for Leanore.

The evolution of her artistic style is ongoing. Leanore believes that the true calling of an artist is to always be striving to grow and learn as a creative. You can literally see her style evolve if you line up all of her work in chronological order. However, actually getting her to line anything up in order is somewhat of an ordeal.

Using Art to Survive Life with Mental Illness

A large part of who Leanore is as an artist comes from her struggles with mental illness and being Neurodivergent. Leanore is a survivor. She endures the battles of daily life by using her artwork as both a method of meditation as well as a way to express her feelings in a non-verbal way.

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