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Need a Voice Actor or Narrator?

Add my Voice to your next project.

Replies Sent within 24 hours!
*Serious Inquiries Only.

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Book on Table
Book on Table

Looking for Voice Acting or Narration Services?

I am a professional voice actor and narrator

that specializes in animation, audiobooks, and commercial voice acting.

My work has been featured on Audible, in videos games, and comic book promos.

I am also skilled in matching the desired tone of your project.

Professional Microphone with Pop Filter

Professional quality voice recordings delivered in mp3 format

Professional work, professional price. I provide high-quality voice recordings at a reasonable cost and deliver them to you in mp3 format. With me, you can count on professional quality voice recordings delivered fast.

Smiley Pool Balls

Accents, Tone, Mood, and Articulation are no problem.

Accents, tone, mood, and articulation are all no problem for me! I can voice your next YouTube video or comic book promo video with my professional voice acting and narration services. Or I can narrate your stories for audiobooks with my distinct voice. And as a character artist for animated projects, I can even do the voices!

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