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Wow... Where do I start?

So... It has once again been a bit of a stretch since my last post here in my bloggeroonie. A LOT of stuff has happened, gone on, occured, or taken place...

I'll some up the personal bits by saying that a lot of shit happened, most of it bad. A lot of losses and a lot of surprise expenses ended up derailing a lot of plans. Positive changes I was looking forward to ended up not being feasible. So, I am still in the same shit-hole apartment. I am still broke as a joke. Instant ramen is life.

Moving on from the personal life nonsense, I do have some exciting news regarding my various professional and creative endeavors!

TILT #2 Launched today! I am not as far along on coloring the pages as I would like to be. Life really kicked my ass for a bit there. I can say that 9 pages are colored and good to go & I have progress on ip to page 20!

I am also coloring an S.O.S ashcan for Chimera comics! I am so glad that chaos has died down enough for me to be making progress on that as well.

Aside from a couple lingering side commissions, once I am caught up on those projects I will be TOTALLY CAUGHT UP. Which is exciting.

I have been keeping up with my streams, mostly. I will also be doing my best to attend as many promotional streams with Doc for the TILT campaign as possible. So, keep an eye on my Twitter for those updates!

Anywhoo... I am writing this post in the dark on my phone when I should be sleeping. I did some content updates to the site and figured I needed to touch base in blogville.

Sorry for rambling! 😂



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