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We've Expanded the Shipping Area

In addition to having to make sure that shipping charges are applied accurately to the correct items, I also have the sole responsibility of making sure that shipping is available to other countries and regions. The shop had only been shipping to the United States for the first couple weeks of it being open. I quickly realized that wasn't going to work out long-term.

Overseas Supporters!

I was honestly shocked to realize how many folks were interested in my artwork outside of the United States. I had greatly underestimated my international appeal, I suppose. At first, I was entering in the overseas orders manually and taking them directly. After the first few, I realized that I should really just get that stuff updated on the website.

Now shipping to over 8 Countries and Regions!

I finally went through and started adding the shipping rates for other countries and regions. Which was great, because the next few orders I got were within those newly added regions.

If you live outside of the currently implemented shipping area,


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