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Getting to Know Kalista's Face

Part of making sure that I create the best possible book I can, for me, involves becoming overly familiar with my characters. Specifically, the main protagonist of the world I'm creating, Kalista. I want to be able to draw her face as clearly as I see it in my mind. I need to know every shape and trait of her expressions and how her face moves when she thinks. I want to be able to describe her to a police sketch artist and get a perfect result... in theory. I want her to feel real to me. If she doesn't feel real to me, even a little, then how can I expect readers to enjoy her as much as I do?

I spent an eerie amount of time looking at a LOT of different faces to find he features I thought fit Kalista best. There is some trial and error involved, of course. I'm not always confident that I am both capturing her look and personality at the same time... which also think is important. I don't want there to be images from my book that aren't somehow dynamic. I hope I'm not sounding shitty somehow. I'm not remotely trying to act like my process or my creation is or ever will be better than anyone else's. That isn't really my point. I want it to be unique. I want it to stand alone on its own merit. In order to know I tried my best, I have to actually make sure I do. That means putting my best foot forward and keeping the finished product's quality in mind 100% of the time.

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