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Making a world, One Map at a Time

So, I'm starting to realize that I'm not just creating some characters - I am literally creating an entire world, a universe even. There isn't a single part of this world that I can honestly say is based in reality. That means, even if some elements are inspired by other things, I'm creating everything from scratch here. That means I need maps. So I made one.

This map was actually created before I ever even drew Kalista for the first time. I have very few memories of making it, as it was created in an entirely sleep deprived state.

This map just barely covers the territory seen or mentioned in book one of the TROLLSMASHER comics. The shores near "Unreachable Plains" are where Kalista awakens at the start of our tale. Shortly after, she finds herself deep within "Lotarand", the citadel of the mud-worshiping Earthen-Kin.

Where will she go from there? What will she find? You'll have to stay tuned to find out!



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