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Discovering Hope: A Short Story

She leaned her body hard against the wall behind her. Her body shook as bitter tears burned through her eyes and poured down her cheeks.

Her lungs felt heavy and her body was too weak to push the air in or out. She saw the light begin to leave the room. Her vision began to darken; bringing into a horrible visual reality the hollow feeling that had previously only lived where her heart used to go.

A warm light began to cast the heat of its light onto her face and body. The warmth was soothing; easing the weight of her breath. The glow slowly pushed the vignette effect from her eyes, but she could not make out the source of her salvation.

What was this magical force? How was it able to ease her suffering? It was bright, too bright to fully behold.

She tried to shield her face to attempt a better view.

The illustration for "Discovering Hope"

She soon realized that the source of her relief was something that had been unknown to her before.

She wasn’t sure how long it would last, or exactly what the nature of it was.

The only thing she knew, is that upon realizing what she was now feeling, she immediately knew the name of the magical force that was giving her ease.

It was Hope.



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