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Why You Need to Make your Own Custom Fonts

As an artist that would someday like to develop and work on a successful comic of some sort, fonts are something that are frequently on my mind. That isn’t even factoring in the time I spent as a freelance logo and graphic designer. During which fonts were the literal bane of my existence. Sure, the internet is littered with all sort of fonts you can download for free. However, the actual licensing of some of these fonts is slightly questionable. I also have yet to locate a ‘handwriting’ style font that really suits all my needs. Leaving me, and many others, with a personal dilemma to overcome.

Why “Free” Fonts Suck

I’ve already slightly touched on some of the general reasons to consider creating your own custom fonts, but I didn’t really get into the details. I feel like a lot of people that aren’t worried about using whatever random fonts they download from a Google Search should probably consider a few of these reasons the next time they work on a design project.

1. Licensing Can be Complicated

Just because you found a font online for “free” doesn’t mean that you have the necessary rights to do whatever you want with it. Many of the fonts you find online are only licensed for personal use. That means that you can’t really do anything that could result in monetary gain that involves those fonts. Basically, if you could make money as a direct result of using the font – you probably can’t do it legally. When using online fonts, be sure to check that it is fully licensed for commercial use to keep all your bases covered.

2. Lack of Originality

When using fonts that you can find and download online for free has one obvious and inevitable outcome. That outcome, of course, being that many other people before you have also found that same font and are already using it right now. That means that you’re that much more dependent on your creative use and alteration of the font in question to ensure that you’re use of it remains original and unique. No one likes a copy-cat.

3. Settling for What’s Available

The biggest issue that I, personally, have with free to download fonts you find online is that you aren’t really getting exactly what you see in your mind. You’re literally forced to setting for whatever is currently available for you to get your hands on. Usually, you’re limited to what’s available without any cost to download. Meaning your options are even tighter. Making your own font from scratch gives you much for room for creativity and detail.

To Sum Up.

The best possible thing you could do for yourself and your future creative endeavors is create your own custom font to use whenever you like. You'll be able to know 100% that there aren't any licensing issues with your fonts, because they'll be yours.



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