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Why I haven't finished my #ComicsGate "Article"

You might not even know what article I'm talking about. I spoke about it briefly on Twitter among a few mutuals. The idea being that I was going to write up a personal opinion piece on what ComicsGate means to me and my personal journey to my own opinion on the situation. My opinion is based on my own personal experiences. I have picked through the bullshit and propaganda to see enough to have my OWN thoughts.

The problem is, no one would care.

I'm not even being dramatic. Nor am I dismissing the friends, followers, and supporters who would and do care. I'm simply in a realistic state of mind where I understand, based on what I have seen, that the vocal majority of those adamantly "against" ComicsGate are so wrapped up in what they THINK ComicsGate stands for that no amount of reason will make it through to them.

Since this isn't my big, in depth, breakdown of my experiences... I'm going to avoid mentioning any names whatsoever. That being said, I think I am most annoyed by the blatant dismissal of all the female, LGBTQ+, and People of Color that don't think the way that these "anti-gaters" seem to want them to. That literally feels, to me, like a contradiction of the point they claim to have in the first place.

Maybe it is naive of me to think that people should "practice what they preach". I just don't find it very inviting to see people say "harassment is bad" while they literally go out of their way to twist narratives, manipulate language, and disregard women and people of color, to try to ruin lives and end careers. That seems worse than some badly worded criticism to me. By a long shot.

I used to WORSHIP some of these people.

I have watched creators, editors, publishers and more devolve into this mob enticing monsters in front of my very eyes. These men and women have sufficiently taken someone who had been working their entire life hoping to do cover work or art for a series by "The Big 2" and turned her(me) into someone who would rather struggle and starve than be associated with that lunacy.

I got let down. Hard.

Have I been so bitter as to go on long-winded rants that single people out and insinuate horrific things? Nope. Do I feel the need to? Nope. I will, however, point out the hypocrisy on Twitter from time to time. Maybe I'll even eventually finish that other article I've been working on. The one that details the exact moments I "switched 'sides'" and re-adjusted by view of the situation. Maybe I will never finish it and it will forever gather dust in my "drafts".

Maybe, just maybe, we'll get lucky enough that people will come to their senses and I won't even feel like I need to.



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