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The Wheels on the Bus.

I am an active user of my local public transit system. Meaning if I am going somewhere by myself, I'm likely to be on a bus. No, I'm not writing this to vent, rant, and complain about it. I actually wanted to write about the experience from a more inquisitive and creative point of view.

People Watching

This may sound super creepy, but I really recommend it. Especially if you're an artist and doubly so if you're experiencing an art-block.

I'm not suggesting that you go around staring deeply into every stranger you pass's soul or anything. Just observing the people and world around you for a bit. Just pick a spot where there are people doing things, and look around. Sometimes, you'd be amazed what you might notice that you wouldn't have otherwise.

For example:

Before the most recent 'remap' of the bus routes, there was a woman that was always on the bus in the morning. This is before 7am, mind you. With her, was her middle-school aged daughter as well as her tiny little precious baby girl. Something about this woman always captivated me. Even when I could tell she was tired, she was always calm and patient. Her children were well behaved and seemed happy. Some days, the little one would be fast asleep on her mother's shoulder. Other days, she would be bright eyed and curious about the world. I still have the image of that woman in my mind. I plan on painting something inspired by her family.

Things like that are the stuff you miss when you're rushing to get from point A to point B without any regard for the in-between. That's why I actually enjoy riding the bus. Sure, I sometimes listen to music or watch something on my phone during the trip. There are some days where I find it so much more entertaining to observe the people on the bus with me, as well as the people we pass by on the way. Hell, I'll even observe the hell out of some wildlife if it's available. The point is, as an artist, I feel obligated to observe the world around me. Being on the bus and waiting at the stops may seem like an inconvenient hassle to some people. However, to me, it's a great way to incorporate something into my daily life that benefits me as an artist.

The wheels on the bus go 'round and 'round.



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