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The Shop is Going Strong

Things with the digital storefront are going pretty well, all things considered! I've been adjusting the pricing margins and adding shipping regions while increasing the catalogue and making website optimizations along the way. It's a lot to do all by myself, but I'm making it work.

I've even made a few sales, and most of them have already gotten to their final destinations. Getting photos of people getting their orders and loving them is honestly way more fulfilling than I think someone can really prepare themselves for.

I've been lucky enough to have several folks get their orders and post to twitter about it. Which makes it easy to point to evidence that I'm not a total failure at this sort thing.

What's even cooler is that there has been a pretty good range of different merchandise and art prints ordered so I have been able to get a good logistical sense as to how the vendors are handling things and how fulfillment is likely to go for different items.

I've had folks order shirts, stickers, postcard prints, wrapped canvases, and embroidered hats. Which has really been amazing. I can't honestly express how happy I am that people are not only interested in supporting my artwork and what I do, but they are also happy to show it off when they get their orders. I feel like

I may be repeating myself a bit here, but this is still sort of new to me. I've had other websites sell my stuff before, but this is WAY different. It feels different. It's a great feeling.

I should probably throw together a place to keep all of the tweets featuring happy customers here on the website. I'll put a pin in that for later.

What's New in the Art Life Shop?

I've been working to add more artwork to the prints and wall art area of the shop. The goal would be to have all of my existing artwork, including some sketches, available on the postcard prints. Then have the really nice stuff that I'm super proud of all available on wrapped canvas prints. From there, I'll work on using my artwork to design some bitchin' posters. I've got lots of plans. I'm sure that much is obvious by now. Hopefully this upward momentum keeps going.

I've also been adding more of my favorite brands and types of art supplies to the shop! As I start working on more tutorials and how-to videos, it made sense for me to also make sure that people could get all of the tools they need in one spot. It just so happens to be super beneficial to my purposes as well. There's nothing wrong with that. (I say to myself daily.)

I am truly grateful for all of the recent support that I have gotten. I hope to be able to continue to work through to my end goals and I hope to bring you guys with me on that journey.



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