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My Plans for Minerva

I'm obviously working on a solo book that will give everyone a good idea of the sort

of fun and delightfully devilish hijinks that you can look forward to seeing Minerva and her companion Adra get into in future stories and projects. However, she's likely to have a part to play in many of my upcoming short stories and anthology projects.

The idea is for her to not only be her own character, with her own stories, but also be a Master of Ceremonies for some of my other projects. Let me give you a few examples of characters that were used in similar ways.

The first example I'm going to use is Joseph Michael Linsner's iconic character "Dawn". She's got her own books, he own stories, and is an amazing and captivating character. She also makes appearances in crossover stories, and acts as a sort of a "narrator" in books that aren't actually about her at all. It's no secret that I'm a bit of a Dawn fan-girl. I'm not remotely ashamed of it. The character is absolutely amazing and the way that Linsner draws women is truly something to be beheld with wonder and amazement.

Another great example would be The Crypt Keeper. He doesn't have a whole heck of a lot of notable stories of his own, but he tells great stories and is well known for his role as the host of "Tales from the Crypt". I have a lot of pretty intense memories form my childhood that involve this dude. His design might be more of the horrific side and less on the creative side. It was his personality, and dialogue that really made the Crypt Keeper stand out as an Iconic character to remember.

The last example I have, is probably the best one. Elvira, Mistress of the Dark. The character Elvira is undeniably iconic and recognizable. She's been featured in her own stories and films, but spent the majority of her screen time hosting showings of cheesy and "B-Rate" horror films. Her commentary and particular set of assets helped thrust her into the status of household name.

Hopefully, Minerva can manage to be a captivating, interesting, iconic, and compelling character. One that can be the protagonist in her own stories as well as help tell stories that she doesn't have a role in directly. I'm putting in the effort, now let's all wait for the payoff!



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