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I Finally Published an Art Book!

I finally did the thing I've been trying to do for the past 10 years. Actually, it may have been more than that. I honestly lost count. The point is that I've actually finally done the thing. The "thing", in this case, is Publishing my first Art Book.

I have always planned on publishing an Art Book (or two) before I actually published any of my upcoming graphic novels, comics, or anthologies. The problem was that I had kept running into obstacle after obstacle. All part of the trial and error learning process but frustrating none the less.

The long and short of it is that I've finally found a vendor/printer/fulfillment team! I've vetted and collaborated with them to make this a reality, and I hope you're satisfied with the results of my first (mostly) solo publishing endeavor.

What's in the Book

I took the time to design the way that each and every single image is laid out within this book. So everything within the book, and the book it's self, are entirely my own creations.

This Art Book features 72 internal pages. Each pages is 170 GSM and matte-finished. I've found that the matte pages really help add to the gallery-quality feel of the prints. I wanted each and every individual page to feel like you could pull it out and frame it without anyone ever knowing you had pulled it from a book.

You're basically paying for 72 art prints that are neatly bound together in a well-designed wrapper with a velvety finish.

This isn't a funding Campaign

This book is ready-to-go and you can order your copy today! I found a great print-on-demand vender who's been working with me to ensure that my customers get an overall phenomenal experience. I plan on working with them on several projects in the future. With every hiccup that's occurred since working with them, there have been quick responses and resolutions. I'm very pleased so far.

Add in the fact that all of the artwork, editing, and design was all done by me as well and you can start to see why there was absolutely no need for me to attempt to crowdfund this project, this time around. Previously, I had been under the impression that I would have to place a bulk order for the products to myself and complete the fulfillment on my own. That wasn't working out, so I kept looking. Finally, I found my solutions.

Do I Owe you One?

Some of you may recall a very distant memory from a few years back where I actually did run small crowdfunding endeavor to attempt to fund my original plan to self-publish my first art book. Well, that didn't exactly pan out. I had printers run off with funds, back to back personal tragedies, and personal health issues, doing the most to keep anything from working out for me.

Several people who had backed that campaign have already been refunded. A few others have been contacted regarding getting them a copy of this art book, now that it exists. If you're someone who backed that campaign, wasn't refunded, and would still like an Art Book, I'd love to hear from you!

I've already had to replace one of the books that went out due to an error in production that lead to mis-aligned cover art, so I want to make sure all the kinks are worked out before I start sending out batched to previous backers. However, I am making a list and will be making sure everyone who backed that campaign gets a book and a few extra bonus items as quickly as possible. If you believe you are one of the people that I own an Art Book too, Please Use this Form to ensure that you get added to the list for complimentary items! We'll want to make sure we have your updated shipping information as well.

There's More Where this Came From!

I have plans and preparations underway for many more print projects that should be coming down the pipeline within the next few months. I'm super excited that everything is finally falling into place. I look forward to sharing it all with you.



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