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#HappyHalloween 2018

I'm writing this post in more of an obligatory fashion than anything else at this point. I don't have any plans to put effort into celebrating the holiday this year. Or maybe any holiday to be honest... we'll see how that goes. I did do a zombie speedpaint that you should check out.

I'm trying to be "festive" to an extent. I'm wearing my black pair of cat ears and some dark grey liquid lipstick... which isn't really something I'd only wear today but whatever. Aside from that, I'm playing the "Halloween Music" channel on Pandora at my desk. A channel that I'm realizing I would also listen to with no hesitation on any given day of the year.

It's the middle of the week. I have a day job and I don't generally like people. So, it isn't exactly difficult to figure out why I'm not exactly jumping up and down to go act the fool for the sake of the holiday. I have some faith-related things that I do every year but those are pretty personal and not something that I'd really be posting about or sharing much of.

So, here I am. A macabre obsessed, horror fanatic that isn't all that excited about Halloween.

I suppose because I embrace the darker side of my tastes all year, it doesn't seem like a needed release of spookiness anymore.

Who knows?

Either way, be safe out there today!



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