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Fresh Youtube content! : I'm making #Art #Videos Again!

Hey everyone! I have some GREAT NEWS!

I'm back on my bullshit when it comes to making video content for you fine folks.

Even though I had announced my "return to YouTube" like 5 months ago, I hadn't really been producing much content. My live-streaming on YouTube even died out once I got affiliate status on Twitch and decided to stream there exclusively for a while. However, I've been working on time-management and have been able to get some new stuff posted this month and have some more content prepped and ready-to-go out over time as well.

Most Recent Art Video! (as of now):

In addition to the usual updates and art videos I'll also be doing:

  • Reviews of Shows, Movies, Comics ETC.

  • The occasional tutorial.

  • Remasters of my older art videos! (Adding VOICE OVERS!)

  • Dramatic Readings of my Favorite Poems.

  • some other shit I haven't felt like announcing yet.

Prefer Bitchute?

With the constant controversies surround one aspect of YouTube, or another, I've also been working on building up a channel over on Bitchute. All of my YouTube uploads will automatically be posted to Bitchute. I am also releasing some Bitchute Exclusive Videos from time to time, so be sure to peek over there once in a while too!



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