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Feeling #Optimistic

I've made some real serious progress that is giving me some really high hopes for the development of TROLLSMASHER. I decided to start the first book closer to the beginning of my main character's life story. Not the absolute beginning, mind you... that's for another book. If people like the first one, of course.

This is the "Official" Logo for the TROLLSMASHER books... for now.

After finally making my mind up as to where the TROLLSMASHER books are going to start, it was a lot easier to come up with the plot for the first book. I am making some steady progress. Right now, I feel solid enough with the story that I'm locking in character designs, maps, and other visual or continuity related details.

Once I have all of the details of the main characters and the various races and species locked in, it will be time to start roughing out the layout for the book. That will be the point where I will get an idea of page count and things like that. I don't want this to be too big or too small. It needs to be just right.

I really plan on going hard with this project. The finished product will need to feel perfect, to me, before I try to release it as a finished product. Since I'm doing pretty much all of the work myself for this one, I may not need to do a big crowdfunding push until it's time to send off to the printers. I may try to see if there is a publisher interested in picking it up - but if I have to do the whole thing myself, I will.

TROLLSMASHER is the very definition of a comic book passion project.



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