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Time for Another #RVUAA!

That's right, boys & girls, it's time for another Red Valkyrie Underground Art Auction!

Not shockingly, I will be attending the 3pm to 6pm central standard time block. I have three main pieces I'll be putting up for bids and a few little add-ons and surprises to throw in if things go really well.

I am LOADS more relaxed about this one and way more excited. I haven't been streaming in many many months now, so it's good to get back in front of a camera and make some folks giggle. The added bonus of clearing up some space and making some cash certainly doesn't hurt the arrangement.

The best way to keep up with who else is going to be there would be to make sure you're following the Red Valkyrie Twitter page!

The slots started filling up fast with some seriously impressive talent. Even if you're not in a position to bid on anything, the shows are always great fun! Seeing other artists talk about their artwork and creations brings me great joy, and I hope it will do the same for you!

I'll try to squeeze another update post about the auction out before the big day. But we're getting pretty close to the day, and I've still got a lot on my plate and some more prep work to do.

So, even if I don't remember to do much more than schedule a metric fuck ton of Twitter posts, I really hope you'll stop by the Auction this weekend. It will be on the Red Valkyrie Youtube channel starting at 10am central standard time. I'll be popping in around 3pm. I already said that, but you should really write it down. 😘



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