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#drawthisinyourstyle YoshiSquared's Demon Psychic

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

I was scrolling through the hashtag #drawthisinyourstyle on Twitter and I came across something by an artist I was already following, YoshiSquared.

This Tarot-reading, sassy, demon, psychic really caught my eye. I absolutely loved the character design in every possible way. I have been playing with some new sketching styles so I thought, "Hey! I can do a warm-up sketching using this character!"

"Demon Psychic" Created by YoshiSquared - Drawn by Leanore

I got a little out of hand for a warm up, but I was having so much fun. I could have gone crazy and kept going for hours and hours, but when I got to this point I really felt like it looked great as-is and went with it.

What do you think?



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