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Cheers to Creativity and Connection: Embracing the Livestream Adventure!

Hey, lovely folks!

It's been an absolute whirlwind of creativity and camaraderie since I've been back on my regular streaming routine. My Thursdays have become a vibrant hub of art, laughter, and a touch of the unexpected!

For those who've been joining me for my "Drink and Draw" sessions, thank you for making these gatherings an absolute blast. There's something magical about sipping on a drink of choice while letting our imaginations run wild on canvas. Your energy and enthusiasm during these sessions have been the fuel to my artistic fire. I can't express how much joy it brings me to create alongside all of you.

Now, let's talk about our little detour into the realm of frights—yes, I'm talking about our spooky adventures with "Spooky's Jumpscare Mansion." October was a wild ride! It was a departure from our usual artistic endeavors, but diving into those horror games with you all was an absolute scream (quite literally, at times!). Those nights of suspense and unexpected scares brought us closer together in a different way, and I appreciated your company through every spine-tingling moment!

Reconnecting with each of you has been an absolute highlight. Your presence during these streams has made each moment special. Whether we're venturing into the unknown or letting our creativity flow onto the canvas, it's the sense of community and togetherness that makes it all worthwhile for me.

Looking ahead, I can't wait to continue this journey of creativity and connection. More drink sips, more art tips, and definitely more laughs are on the horizon! I'm eagerly anticipating diving into future projects, exploring new techniques, and simply enjoying our time together—whether that involves wielding a paintbrush or braving another game together.

So, cheers to each and every one of you for making these livestreams a highlight of my week. Your support, your laughs, and your unwavering enthusiasm are what make this community so incredibly special.

Can't wait to see you all in the next stream, ready to sip, sketch, and share in the joy of creating together!

Artfully yours,




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