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A Funny story about basic analytics

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

I figured I'd give a summed up version of this story a little jotting down. It could prove to be educational for some folks. There are laws in place regarding WHAT people can do with your information for a reason... it is super easy to get.

Some background...

I've been running my own website since I was 13 years old and started doing artwork that I was proud enough of to want to share. I've never liked the idea of someone else being in total control of how my content was presented, or that a social media (or other) platform could up and decide to remove my account for any arbitrary reason they chose to. That's why I've always found it important to have some sort of personal website hosted outside of your standard social media and networking platforms.

My dad is a network security and desktop support specialist, and has been for most of my life. So getting someone's help making sure all of MY information was safe in the process was pretty easy for me. We also ALWAYS had some some of VPN, external router, and Firewall system in place. These were things I grew up thinking were normal things EVERYONE knew to use. It always amazes me to find out that a LARGE number of people just... don't know or care what information is provided to websites by default.

Where it gets FUNNY

There's this super weird little dude who became obsessed with me recently after I derailed his attempts to slander/harass a friend of mine he "eDated" a few years back. I'll be happy to write about all of that in slightly more detail later on, but for now I wanna focus on this OUTSTANDING example of technological ignorance biting someone in the ass in a way that is truly... hilarious. So, this dude keeps getting yeeted off of Twitter. However, he allegedly keeps posting about me on other platforms, I've only seen screenshots but they seem legit. I guess he didn't like being instantly banned from the Discord server, and not being able to reach me any other way. Because he got desperate enough to get my attention to reach out to me via the Contact Me page of my website and send some pretty badly written attempts at threatening and/or intimidating me.

The funny part is, that basic website analytics give you the geolocation of where the device that connected to your site is located. I'm not even talking about an IP address at this point. I'm talking about the core data collect by analytics programs, like google. When he sent the message, it gave me an EXACT TIME that he was on my website. It took a couple of clicks to narrow down the location of the device that was on my website at the exact moment the "threatening" message was sent.

Might be funnier to me than you... but oh well.

So this might not be super hilarious to anyone else, but it is to me. I'm not giving this "human" any direct attention by mentioning names, or even the locations. He likes to cry about "being doxed" already - even though it's very clear that he more than likely provided information to someone himself directly then just regretted it later... which we all know... isn't the same thing.



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