Finding Myself with a Website...

I have no clue how many, if any, of your will recall that I've had some sort of website to fiddle with since I was 13 years old. Well, for the past few years - I've let the server and domain name go and have been focused on social media. I've dabbled in YouTube as well, but it's not exactly a secret that their platform is failing the smaller creators. Before I get too far into a tangent, I'm going to reel it back in a bit. This is the first blog post in what will be the new and improved website for all of my Art, Mental Health Related Stuff, and so on. Obviously, there's a blog element. I plan on primarily focusing on Art and how it relates to and affects my daily life. That makes the mental health and illness part of my endeavors a pretty smooth inclusion. Seeing as how my art and ability to express myself creatively may very well be the main factor for my continued survival and "sanity", it makes sense for it to be a subject discussed here on the website. Maybe I develop a massive following of people who love and appreciate my artwork and creativity and maybe I don't. Perhaps I help a few other artists, or people with mental illness find their motivation to keep going, perhaps I don't. Either way, the main reason I want to do this is for myself. It makes me happy. Maybe I can make someone else happy on the way.

Taking a Breath

5/21/22, 8:19 PM

I felt like sharing a bit about how important it is to take breaks to prevent burn out. I did so while taking a break. Lol
ARTiculate with Me: June 3rd

5/21/22, 5:30 PM

The first video is in the can and scheduled to premiere in the afternoon on the First Friday of June. (Did that Rhyme?)
YouTube Channel ReLaunch Update!

5/20/22, 1:49 PM

You've seen me mention it, but when is the Youtube Channel Relaunch happening? I've got some exciting news about my YouTube Channel! It's...
I've been Busy Making Art & Content!

5/19/22, 6:16 PM

I want to make sure that I'm keeping everyone updated on my progress with art and content creation!
Vague Sort-Of Almost Announcement Post

1/25/22, 12:57 AM

I'm about to make some pretty dramatic changes to the way that my streams and videos will look going forward. I wouldn't call it a total...