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"Phoenix in Flight" by Leanore

I painted this Artwork using in Photoshop CS3 in 2017. It started as an exercise in restricted color palettes and ended up being one of my most popular pieces to date. I started this painting by using a random color generator to get a palette of 5 colors. I used a lot of color theory but managed to only use the colors I had available, and any that I could create by blending them together, to make this artwork. The subject was what came to mind when I got a good look at the palette. I didn't want to paint a Phoenix at it's death or rebirth stage, because that seemed overdone, so I went with the concept of what it just looks like living it's live. You can watch me paint this painting in a speedpaint video available on Youtube.

This artwork is featured in my First Art book, available for purchase in the shop!

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