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"Azure Stare" by Leanore

This artwork was created in 2021 using watercolor, gouache, and colored pencils on some unspectacular watercolor paper. There's a funny reason why she has such elegantly elongated facial features. So, the reason that her face is so long is because I wasn't properly positioned when working on this painting. I was looking at her from a more horizontal angle than I should have. This lead to me seeing the artwork more "squished" than it actually was. By the time I realized what had happened I was already a couple layers into the process and decided I actually liked how dramatic it made her facial features look.

I can't recall if I actually did a sketch for this one. I do know that I started the rendering process with watercolors, then added some gouache, and then colored pencils. I know that I ended up repeating this process a couple of times before I got to this point. I honestly can't see myself ever NOT being proud of this one.

This artwork is featured in my First Artbook, available for purchase in the shop!

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