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TILT Issue 1: an #Indiecomic Fulfilling & Still in Demand!

It's not secret, by now, that I've been collaborative work as a colorist. Well, I've officially been part of what I will proudly call a successful crowdfunded comic book.

What is TILT?

TILT is an indie, crowdfunded, comic that is written and developed by Doc Hog. It is an action tale surrounding the character Jennifer Polar as she uses a magical (or cursed?) deck of playing cards to seek revenge against the mobsters who killed her father.

The covers for the series of books will feature various artists. The interiors, however, Doc is attempting to keep the interiors consistent. Being penciled and inked by Marcos Lima, and then colored and rendered by me, Leanore. I've also been doing a lot of the graphic design work regarding things like cover dressings, interior covers, and even the collectable deck of cards that is available to backers at checkout (which Marcos Lima also drew, and I also colored.) There's also a 100% created by me pin-up poster available that I've personally signed every copy of that's currently in existence.

Backers are receiving their comics!

The project got fully-funded on IndieGogo, and has gained over $1k in sales since the campaign went into "In Demand" status! The writer, creator, and orchestrator of the entire endeavor, David Hogberg (Doc_Hog on Social Media) kept good on his word to get books and perks into the hands of backers as soon as possible. Shipments are arriving on doorsteps and the Gemini Mailers held up exactly how you'd expect.

Seeing all of the posts of folks receiving and being happy with a product that I helped create is truly something that I'll never get tired of.

Get TILTed!

I highly encourage you to grab yourself a copy of this book while it's still in-demand on IndieGogo. If you do miss out, I've been assured that there will be a tier on the campaign for book 2 that will allow you to get book 1 as well.

The story is great, and even if I am biased... I suggest you take a look at the satisfied customers posts and see for yourself that it's worth the investment.



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