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Proof @ScottHolyk doesn't take Rejection Well.

Over a week ago now, it was brought to my attention (by coming across my Twitter feed because he was tagging someone I follow over and over again) that a user named @ScottHolyk was launching his own little personal targeted harassment campaign against another user, who runs an Autism Support Discord server.

The fact that he was removed from the server for arguing with moderators and failing to follow the rules is already bad enough. However, most everyone involved assumed that once he had been banned that would be the end of it. He'd realize that the server owner, and other people, likely saw what happened and why he'd been booted and move on. Scott had other plans.

He started by sending the server owner a DM trying to lie about why he'd been banned and attempting to paint himself as a victim. It's worth noting that he reached out to this user on Twitter, using DMs, even though the user has a very clearly posted NO DMs in their bio.

Even after he attempted to lie and twist the situation to someone who knew better, no one was making any mention of him or what happened publicly. Until he started the constant slanderous posting accusing everyone involved of being "Abusive", and diagnosing them with "Narcissism". This is very clearly done with absolute malice and with the knowledge that it is not true.

After this went on for some time, the person he was accusing finally had enough and shared what happened along with a screenshot of the DMs he sent immediately after being booted from her server to help confirm he was the same user from Discord. Only those of us IN THE SERVER would know his related username beyond Twitter.

He continues to insist that this act is doxing. Obviously in an attempt to scare her into removing the post that confirms that he's lying about what happened. Everyone involved is well educated on the subject of doxing and the legality of it as most of us have been actual victims of it in the past. So, needless to say it's another example of Scott attempting to twist reality to placate his own ego. He needs us to be the bad-guys because he can't COPE with the reality that he's the asshole here.

This is where it gets interesting. He seems to think that the fact that I saw what happened in the Discord server, so I know exactly who had been banned before he sent her that DM, means that he was Doxed to me. Even though, exchanging information PRIVATELY, immediately means that it isn't doxing anyway. Even though, the discord username that he has been banned from MANY servers with isn't actually mentioned in the screenshots. So, he DMed me without consent to try to intimidate and manipulate me in private, where he thought I'd be more vulnerable.

The above screenshots are my screenshots of our conversation. You can clearly see me repeatedly telling him to stop messaging me and that any and all communications would be made public. This is for my safety. I do not feel comfortable interacting with someone who demonstrates a pattern of behavior like this.

You can see him trying to gaslight me and tell me that "whoever I am talking about must be a terrible person"... however, even if he isn't the user from the server (which he is), I'm not calling him out for what he did on discord... I'm calling him out for what he's done on his Twitter account afterwards.



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