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#Inktober is kicking my ass

I have utilized the hashtag at random during previous years, but this is the first year I have attempted to keep up with each and every daily prompt from the "official" Inktober prompt list that I found on the Inktober twitter page, which I have posted below.

We are on the 24th day so far, and I haven't missed a day yet. I have posted a few a little later in the day than I would like but they got posted. I will be making a gallery with all of the posts for inktober I have made collected together in one place after the 31st. For now, I'm just hoping I don't drop the ball.

Like many other artists, I have been trying to sort of get and stay ahead of the prompts a little. It is far less stressful to know that I have an appropriate piece ready to go for the following day than to fell the need to rush and panic to get something whipped up on the day of. Right now, I'm one day ahead. I already have tomorrow's ready to go. I actually ended up with 2 for tomorrow because I really wanted to do a Pinhead from Hellraiser portrait but was afraid it wouldn't look good enough to post so I did a toon cactus as well. Might post the cactus before tomorrow though. I am actually REALLY excited for you guys to see my Pinhead. I even have two other Cenobite related ideas I can do for the remaining days of inktober as well. Anyway... thanks for reading my self indulgent little rant/vent thing. I may end up doing these sort of posts more often. Hope that's okay!



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