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Get on Minerva's List!

I am actually at a point in the Minerva project where I feel comfortable promoting it and posting updates for her first comic book/graphic novel! The natural progression there was to set up the Minerva Page here on the website. Which, took me a while to decide on what all needed to be on there as a bare minimum before I started sharing it with the world.

The Mailing List

One thing that I decided immediately needed to be included on the page was a mailing list sign up form. I wanted to give folks to option to opt-in to getting emails directly to their inbox anytime a major update related to Minerva's first book is published or announced.

Sure, I can post here and on social media as much as I want, but there's something to be said for curated direct-to-consumer updates about a project/product they're interested in. Folks you want to support his endeavor are able to sign up and not worry about checking social media or looking for information. It will be delivered directly to their inbox.

What to Look Forward To!

When you join Minerva's list, you'll get in initial welcome email. After that, you'll get a message anytime something major or noteworthy happens in relation to the project. That's already pretty neat. I've decided it isn't neat ENOUGH though.

As the project develops, I'll be sending out other neat perks you can only get by being on the mailing list. These perks may include free entry into art and merchandise giveaways, exclusive video content, first looks at project progress, promo codes for free add-ons when you purchase the book later, and more!



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