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Done with #Patreon? Try #KoFi!

It isn't a secret that Patreon and it's users have been dealing with some issues lately. Either they've been closing down creator accounts without warning, refunding payments without explanation, or just handing out bad customer service experiences. Whatever the issue, it is pretty obvious that more and more people are becoming less happy with their experience on Patreon.

I have an account on Patreon. I've never made a penny off of it, and I never liked the back-end experience and how it was set up. Sure, my reasons are pretty personal for not really messing with Patreon, but they are still valid. I'm not the only person who's had a less-than-great experience with the website and others got it way worse than I did.

I have been using Ko-fi as an alternative for Patreon for some time now. I've been very satisfied with the overall experience. They've made several updates while I've been a user on their platform. Ko-Fi GOLD being one of those updates. It didn't take much thinking on my part to decide that the $6 a month they were asking for to enjoy all the perks of going Gold was well worth the investment.

With the Standard FREE Ko-fi Account I could:

  • Gain a following of other Ko-Fi Users and Supporters.

  • Receive donations called "coffees" from supporters.

  • Post images and updates for followers and supporters to enjoy.

Now, that I'm upgraded to Ko-Fi Gold I can:

  • Set the cost of a "coffee"

  • Change "coffee" to say whatever I want

  • Offer supporter only content.

  • Set content to be for Monthly Subs only or Include One-Time supporters as well.

  • Allow for Monthly supporter subscriptions

  • Offer Commissions & collect payments for them

  • Set various commission prices and types.

  • Probably more stuff I'm forgetting & more to come, I'm sure.

I'm not trying to sound like an absolute shill about this, but I'm really being sincere when I say that I am nothing short of totally satisfied with this website and all of it's features. If you feel so inclined to make the plunge and sign up with Ko-fi, feel free to use my Referral Link!

Thanks for taking the time to read my posts!



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