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Taking a Breath

I have loaded up my 'to-do' list for today up a little more than I should have. Instead of letting it stress me out, or exhaust be me too quickly, I have been taking little breaks to do smaller tasks throughout the day. Like this post, for example. Taking a break matters. Humans are complex creatures. We are capable of pushing ourselves beyond our healthy limits so often that it becomes a habit. I have learned the hard way to what that can do to a mind over time. Even just a few minutes here and there to focus on something else can be a life changer. I am typing this post up on my phone while I listen to the birds outside and get a little fresh air. (I even touched some grass!) When I am done here, I will get back to more important tasks. Finding a balance is important but if you have a habit of going until you burn out, the few minutes you take to clear your head is far from wasted. It's self-care. I'll stop preaching now. I just really felt like sharing that while finding a way to still feel productive while taking a break. See? There are loopholes! Lol

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The Wilting Flower

3/21/23, 7:21 PM

In the depths of night, I lie awake Contemplating life and its cruel fate For death is but a shadow, always near A looming presence that...
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