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Print on Demand Comic Book Publishing for Indie Comic Creators

In the world of independent comics, print on demand is a fantastic alternative to the traditional printing and fulfillment process. POD has been revolutionizing the comic book industry for years now, making it possible for small publishers and individual creators to get their books out there without having to invest in thousands of physical copies up front. In this blog post, we’ll be taking a look at some of the POD options available for independent comic creators today. If you’re interested in self-publishing your own comic or graphic novel, keep reading to learn more about the pros and cons of different POD methods and which one might be best for you.
What is Print on Demand? Print on demand (commonly abbreviated to POD) is a printing technology that allows for printing a single copy of a book at a time. Unlike traditional book printing, where a publisher would print thousands of copies of a book and store them in warehouses, print on demand allows publishers to print a book only after it has been ordered. When you order a book, the printer uses computer software to create a template for a single copy of your book. Then, the printer uses this template to print the book’s pages one by one. Print on Demand not only lowers your initial overhead costs, it also helps reduce the risk of overprinting which can can not only leave you feeling bummed out, but can also have a negative impact on the environment.
Print on Demand Publishing Options for Comic Books One of the biggest advantages when it comes to self-publishing comic books is the availability of tons of different print on demand options. You can choose from a number of different POD publishing platforms, each offering unique features and pricing models. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular POD publishing options for comic books. Amazon Print Services Amazon is not only one of the most popular online retailers, but has also been developing an impressive publishing platform for years now. When it comes to publishing print on demand books, Amazon’s self-publishing platform is one of the best options available. While their print on demand books are only available for purchase online, Amazon’s POD publishing platform is simple to use and offers all the necessary tools for creating professional-quality books. Amazon’s print on demand books are available in paperback and hardcover formats, and you can set your own price. Once you publish a book on Amazon, it becomes available for sale through Amazon’s online store. If you want to sell your books offline, you can purchase printed copies of your book and ship them to your customers through Amazon’s Fulfillment by Amazon service. Ingram Spark Ingram Spark is a print on demand publishing service offered by the world’s largest wholesale book distributor, Ingram. With Ingram Spark, you can upload your cover files and create barcodes for your books. Once you’ve uploaded your files and completed the necessary publishing and pricing steps, Ingram will send your books to one of their POD printing partners and will have your books ready to ship in just a few days. You can choose to have your books printed either on white or cream colored paper. Ingram Spark currently only offers paperback books, and each book costs between $2.50 and $4.50 to print. Once you’ve set up your account and uploaded your cover files and content, you’re ready to publish your books and get them listed for sale on Amazon and other online retailers. comiXology Print Edition ComiXology is one of the world’s most popular digital comics platforms. Their print on demand service, called comiXology Print Edition, offers an easy way for comic book creators to publish their comics in paperback format and get them listed for sale through their online store. Just like Amazon’s services, you can also use comiXology to fulfill orders, either shipping printed books to customers through their service or by purchasing printed copies of your books and shipping them out yourself. This is one of the most convenient publishing options available for self-publishing comic book creators. Once you’ve signed up for a comiXology account, you can upload your content and cover files and have your books ready to be published in just a few steps. With comiXology, you can make your comics available in paperback and hardcover formats, and you set your own price. Digital Comics Self-Publishing Platforms If you want to go completely digital with your comics, there are various self-publishing platforms that allow you to create a digital version of your comics and sell them directly to your readers. This is especially useful for comic creators who want to sell their comics as single issues. There are a few different digital comics publishing platforms worth mentioning, with the most well-known being Comixology and Kindle Comics. Another useful self-publishing platform for digital comics is Tapas. What makes Tapas unique is that it allows you to create a “book” by creating both a digital and printed book. You can also create a subscription model so that readers can subscribe to your comic and have new issues delivered to them automatically. Final Words If you’re an independent comic book creator, print on demand can be a fantastic option for getting your comics published. You can choose from a number of different POD publishing platforms, each offering different pricing models and features. With a POD publishing option, you’ll be able to publish your comics in paperback and hardcover formats, and you can set your own price. If you want to get your comics in front of readers, a POD publishing option makes it easy for you to sell printed versions of your comics. With one of these publishing services, you can publish your comics in digital and printed formats, allowing your readers to get your comics any way they want.

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