My First Art-Print Giveaway!

Hey, Hi, Howdy, and Hello! You didn't read that title incorrectly, I'm hosting a giveaway on my OfficialArtLife Twitter account! What you can win This giveaway prize will not be a basic art print. The artwork that the winner chooses will be printed onto rolled canvas. The canvas print will feature fine-grain exhibition-quality material with a no-glare durable finish. With a size of approximately 16 by 20 inches, this art print is perfect for framing or hanging as a poster! The winner will be able to pick any of my recent artworks that they like to have printed as the prize! I'm covering the shipping too, so there's no reason NOT to enter! How to Enter! In order to enter the giveaway, and be eligible to win the free canvas print, take the following actions: ReTweet my Pinned Post on Twitter Be Following @OfficialArtLife! (So I can DM you when you win!) That's it! That's all you have to do in order to be entered for a chance to have a canvas print of my artwork delivered to your door at no cost to you! Winner will be selected June 5th 2021 If this goes well, I'll start doing these more often!

Love -

Taking a Breath

5/21/22, 8:19 PM

I felt like sharing a bit about how important it is to take breaks to prevent burn out. I did so while taking a break. Lol
ARTiculate with Me: June 3rd

5/21/22, 5:30 PM

The first video is in the can and scheduled to premiere in the afternoon on the First Friday of June. (Did that Rhyme?)
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I've been Busy Making Art & Content!

5/19/22, 6:16 PM

I want to make sure that I'm keeping everyone updated on my progress with art and content creation!
Vague Sort-Of Almost Announcement Post

1/25/22, 12:57 AM

I'm about to make some pretty dramatic changes to the way that my streams and videos will look going forward. I wouldn't call it a total...