I'd like to announce that work has begun on creating the upcoming webcomic TROLLSMASHER!
Below is the first official promotional art and story teaser. If you'd like to support the creation and development of this fantasy adventure webcomic, you can drop some kindness over at the TIP JAR!

We've Expanded the Shipping Area

6/18/22, 6:18 PM

In addition to having to make sure that shipping charges are applied accurately to the correct items, I also have the sole responsibility...
The Shop is Going Strong

6/17/22, 10:12 PM

Things with the digital storefront are going pretty well, all things considered! I've been adjusting the pricing margins and adding...
First guest column~!

6/15/22, 1:25 AM

As a duly appointed representative of the city, county and state of Cringe, I am hereby ordering you to gaze it wild wonder at the first...
Postcard Prints are Here!

6/7/22, 10:27 PM

I'm making a push to get my artwork into as many hands as possible. The best way to do that? Make it super affordable! That's why I'm...
Watch me Paint a Hot Redhead!

6/3/22, 5:00 PM

My return features me painting a hot read-head giving us "Summer Vibes" with a fruity drink and a pair of rose-tinted sunglasses.