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Art & Site Updates for July

I realized it had been awhile since I had actually posted a worthwhile update on here. Obviously leading to the creation of the post you're currently reading. Neat, right? Art Updates I've got a lot of different ideas, concepts, designs in my head that I'm hoping to translate out into visual representations soon. I've hit some brick walls though. I lost a lot of data, including the license info and install packages for my art preferred art programs. Most tragically being Paint Too SAI. My fully unlocked version of that particular digital art program was perfectly calibrated to my needs. I haven't been able to find anywhere I had the package or download link/code information saved to be able to recover the full version without having to repurchase the application. I'm looking into and trying to get used to some free and open source art programs in the mean time. Because, I honestly can't afford to purchase or license anything impressive right now. If someone wants to buy me Photoshop or something, that'd be nice. Website News As far as the website is going, I've been working on the Toolboxes. I am hoping to get the Mental Health toolbox set up first - then I'm going to start building the Artists' Toolbox next. Hopefully, these resources will prove useful to a few people. If anyone ever actually ends up visiting my website, of course. Other than that, I've been pretty satisfied with the website and there haven't been any major updates.

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