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YouTube Channel ReLaunch Update!

You've seen me mention it, but when is the Youtube Channel Relaunch happening?

I've got some exciting news about my YouTube Channel!

It's been a really long time since I've produced pre-made video content of any kind. The closest I've gotten would be Livestream Replays, or a few guest appearances on a couple pre-recorded shows. That's going to be changing in the VERY near future!

How near in the future, you ask? Well, how does next month work for you?

That's right, folks! I've got 3 videos damn near fully prepped to go live on a monthly schedule, starting in June!

Why Monthly Videos?

The overall goal here is to make sure I can keep up with the content consistently. Once I've got the monthly uploads in the bag, I can work on increasing my video content to bi-weekly posts. If I get really good and efficient at editing and production, I may increase it to a weekly thing, or more! It really depends on how much content I am CAPABLE of producing, while still working on paid projects and other commitments.

Let's Get Hyped for June!

So, that's the update! YouTube channel relaunch will happen in June! New Video Content is Coming! Make sure you Subscribe to my YouTube Channel to get updates on when the videos go Live & have a Wonderful Day!



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