We have VIP Updates!

I've finally managed to figure out the "database" function on this Wix framework. At least, well enough to create a separate area for updates and such that only my VIP website members can see. I'm hoping to really pack in the content for you folks. I've got delusions of grandeur, that's for sure.

The Web Comic

One of the things I'm really hoping to get out for you guys on a monthly basis is a web comic. It would be a simple little thing that I would basically use to vent or dramatize comedic scenarios that happen in my daily life. It might flop, it might not. We'll see!


They will probably be vlog like things that only happen once a month. However, I figure it could be neat to be super real and candid with you guys. If the feedback is negative, we can always try something else!

That's all, for now!

I wish I had more to tell you right now. Just know, that I'm working on it. Hopefully, you're reading this from some time in the distant future and I've already gotten my shit together. xox

xoxo- Leanore