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The Wilting Flower

In the depths of night, I lie awake Contemplating life and its cruel fate For death is but a shadow, always near A looming presence that I cannot fear The blackness of the raven's wing Is the harbinger of the end of everything Its cawing call echoes through the air As if to remind me that death is always there The ticking clock, a steady beat A reminder that my time is fleeting And with each passing moment, I draw closer To the end, to the great unknown exposure The wilting flower, once so bright Now fades away into the endless night It's petals falling, one by one A symbol of life, of all that's done And yet, I find a strange comfort In the thought that one day, all will be curt That death will claim me, as it must And turn me to dust, to ashes, to rust For in that final moment, I'll be free From the burdens of life, from all misery And so, I embrace the dark embrace Knowing that death is but a part of the human race.

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