I'm sick, So I'm whiny

I'm sick. Sick enough to miss work and I'm actually pretty emotional about it. I currently feel like everyone hates me, and that I am somehow doing this all to myself. Yes, I realize how irrational that sounds. Unfortunately that doesn't seem to help stop me from feeling like it's the absolute truth. I can't imagine that I'm the only person who feels this way when they are sick. I mean, I will pretend I am find a good long while. Longer than someone usually should. But there are certain symptoms of illness that I just can't handle or deal with. The discomfort or potential for extremely embarrassing incidents in public make it fee like the entire world is crashing down on me. Dramatic, no? I'm not proud of it. Hell, I'm writing this blog post out right now in hopes that it gets my brain to calm down so I can try to take a nap or something. I honestly don't care if anyone even reads this one. I mean, if you do - great - but this isn't exactly a post you're going to get any value out of. Unless I am somehow entertaining when ill... which isn't off the table. Even now, I want to get graphic with the upsetting and troubling details of my ailment. Thankfully, I know that isn't something literally ANYONE needs to read about. Even if that's something you're "into" - here is not the place. This is one of those things I'm going to post that I really shouldn't. My eyeballs burn. Not itch. Burn. Like there is ACTUAL FIRE inside of them. So, that's a thing.

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