Heather Antos didn't Troll my Discord Server: But someone did

On March 26th, someone impersonating Heather Antos joined my discord server and posted this: Sure, the post is kinda shitty... but it isn't the worse thing. It could even be passed off as an attempt at being "playful". The more I thought about it, the more I thought it wouldn't be totally shocking if that was actually Heather Antos. Well, It wasn't. This morning, on April 4th, I woke up already in a bit of an emotional state. Stress has had me in shambles and today wasn't a good day. So you can IMAGINE my dismay when I saw this: There are some REALLY inflammatory things being said here. The jab at Peter Simeti was likely what sent me into a raging fit on Twitter. I was too mad to really clarify that I wasn't POSITIVE that it was Heather... But I do stand by my comment that whoever said that is a "bitch"... it just so happens that it isn't Heather and how she has handled being informed about this situation has actually given me some nice things to say about her. So, in this post I made this morning... the things I still stand behind are that the person who made the posts is a bitch, that entered my server uninvited, and started being rude and shitty from the jump. Was it Heather? Nope. How do I know? Well, I spoke to her about it. How do I know I really spoke to her? Because she reached out to me through Facebook on her personal account. I have had her blocked, for personal reasons, on Twitter for a bit now. Mostly so I don't see something and react to it in a knee-jerk way. Kinda like I did to the posts in my discord server today. So, instead of calling it a wash and leaving it at that - she put effort into finding a way to contact me. That kind of says something to me. Peter Simeti is the nicest guy in comics How did Heather know that it was going on, if I have her blocked? Well, Peter Simeti's name was dropped in the inflammatory post. So, naturally, people tagged him in. Seeing the post, he reached out to Heather to ask her about it. She denied it and was genuinely upset that it was happening. I have seen the conversation they had regarding the situation and she seemed sincere. I wont post it here because it isn't mine to share. Heather Reached Out It wasn't long after Peter and Heather spoke that she popped up in my Facebook Page's inbox. Her message wasn't overly apologetic, and came across as genuinely sincere: I responded sincerely in turn, and asked if I could assist in resolving the issue: She didn't JUST message my Facebook page, she took the time to message my Instagram as well - just to make sure I saw it. That, coupled with the fact that she wasn't acting like someone who was frantically trying to cover up a mistake, is why I'm writing this clarification. My rage tweet took off and the screenshots got reposted pretty quick. I should have probably tried to reach out to Heather myself after the last post in the discord. However, in my angry state of mind, I was pretty sure she had decided that she hated me and messaging her would just have been worse for me. I was wrong.

That's why I am posting this. I'm sorry.

But seriously, whoever did that shit....

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