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Twitter Made me into a Chump

About 6 days ago, someone who I'm not going to give any direct attention to decided that they were suddenly the authority on "good art" and that no one else was allowed to have an opinion on the subject.

This didn't sit well with me.

I don't appreciate people who try to gate-keep other people's opinions, Especially regarding art. So I let them know my feelings on the matter. They didn't like this.

They proceeded to try to convince themselves that I haven't been a professional artist as long as I have and that I somehow didn't understand how colors work. "Shadows aren't grey" they stated, implying that I've ever used grey as a shading tone on anything that wasn't entirely in grey-scale.

At this point, I should have realized that they were attempting to bait me into saying something that they could get mass flagged, in an attempt to have me removed from Twitter. Apparently, when a more accomplished artist calls you out for being a terrible person, the only defense is to try as hard as you can to convince yourself that they aren't and/or get them de-platformed out of jealousy. It only half worked. They mass flagged a tweet that didn't have a single swear word and no tone of aggression... and Twitter's automated system flagged it as a violation, Triggering what was intended to be a 7 day "Twitter Time-Out".

Well, I decided to be stubborn and submitted an appeal on the Tweet. There was no way I was going to let the strike against my account stand unwarranted and I was positive that twitter would review the appeal and agree. In my mind, this was all going to happen within a couple days and I'd be back on Twitter - business as usual.

That was 6 days ago.

While you're waiting for an appeal on a reported tweet to be reviewed - you aren't allowed to log on to your account. Unlike when you're on a restriction, where you can still Direct Message mutual followers and scroll through the feed, none of that is possible during an appeal.

At this point, I have waited on the appeal about as long as the restriction would have lasted in the first place. There is no way for me to contact Twitter Support either. The help area asks you to log in to submit a form or Direct Message @TwitterSupport for assistance. I can't do either of those things while I'm waiting for an appeal.

Essentially, by not reviewing appeals in a timely manner and having a really shitty automated report review system, Twitter has made me look like a chump. I can either continue to wait for an appeal that I might not ever get, or cancel the appeal, delete the tweet, and wait another week to use Twitter at it's full functionality again.

Quite frankly, I find the entire situation to be bullshit. If the petty little brat that submitted the report is reading this, you didn't win anything. You just proved to me that you're jealousy is your driving force. That's something that I truly pity you for. Learn to be better and make sure you choose who you look up to online a little more wisely. The people you seem to look up to at the moment, are truly terrible people who WILL bring you down with them. I'll pray for you.



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