GoFundMe & #Art Book #Update

I figured it would be a good time to work on getting everyone updated about a few things. I'm trying to work on getting my thoughts better organized before I decide to share them with the world, so please be patient with me if this seems a little jumbled or confusing. I know I posted a quick video to Twitter about this already but I figured I could elaborate a bit for those who might be interested.

The Twitter Video:

That video is a short, quick, overview sort of update. Mostly, I went the video route because I wanted to put an update directly onto Twitter without having to worry about the character limit per tweet. That's why I'm going back and writing this supplemental blog post to help add some information into the vague spots.

The GoFundMe:

My emergency GoFundMe campaign came right down to the wire, but it finally made it's goal in the end. This was LARGELY thanks to Dan from the Mythoverse comic universe. However, he didn't do it alone. So many of you took the time to share, retweet, I am at a loss on how to express how much each and every donation meant to me. You guys are consistently there for me when I need it as best you can be and for that I am ETERNALLY grateful.

I'm pricing different print companies to get the posters ordered and sent out to those who helped with the GoFundMe. I'll be sending out emails and keeping people updated via the GFM page as progress on that fulfillment continues. I know most of you said you didn't care about the poster, but I want to repay you all for your kindness and support.

The Art Book:

I mentioned, before the chaos in my personal life, that I was wanting to release an Art Book. The idea would be to do a Crowdfunding for an exclusive version of the Art Book and then make a standard version available for on demand purchase through a web store.

The "exclusive" version would feature extra commentary and extra doodles and illustrations that won't be featured in the standard version of the book. The core artwork would be the same, for the most part. Featuring all of my favorite paintings, sketches, designs, and illustrations from the entirety of my art "career" up til now.

I'm working on getting the Indiegogo campaign details worked out and some more of the pages formatted before I officially launch the campaign. I really need this to succeed. I could use the boost of motivation, to be completely honest.

The funds from the crowdfunding would go towards the creation and further development of #Trollsmasher as well as help me pay off more of my debt. I want to remain transparent about my intentions with my fundraising. Hopefully, that helps people feel more comfortable about supporting my projects. Maybe it will backfire, who knows.

In closing...

I've been having a pretty rough go of it lately. I'm still, currently, in a bit of a financial pickle. I'm hoping things will start looking up for me around May. So far, everything is on track for just that. I want to thank all of you again for your love and support. It means so much to me.


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