The Details

I am a master of making obsolete and outdated equipment work for way longer than it is supposed to. Evidence of that is the fact that I pretty much use the same cell phone for more than 5 years if I can help it. That same habit carried on over into my digital art tablet. 

Well, The inevitable finally happened. My digital art tablet died. I was literally sent into a really dramatic and unflattering depression. I had somehow become REALLY attached to it. I suppose it makes sense, considering how emotionally dependent I am on my artwork.

Updated 08/28/18 @ 9:05 CST

Thankfully, some people stepped up and were kind enough to retweet and share my fundraising efforts. On top of that, my significant other was more than willing to do whatever needed to get me SOMETHING to keep me in business as far as digital art goes. That's how I ended up with the Wacom Intuos that I am currently using to create digital artwork and work on commissions to help my progress towards my current "ultimate creative goal", which is to get my hands on a Wacom Cintiq so I can take my creative projects to the next level.

Every donation and commission I receive gets me closer to that goal. Every single retweet, share, or mention of my artwork helps get me closer to that goal.

I appreciate all of my fans, followers, patrons, friends, and art family. You guys are amazing and you make this crazy world a little bit more bearable every day.

Support My Art

Were it not for the love of what I do, I would not do it.

I appreciate each and every one of my paid commissions and contributions. However, do not confuse gratitude for greed.

All of the funds collected through the creation and sharing of my artwork goes right back into the process of creating and sharing even more artwork and the further development of this website as an art and mental health resource.

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