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What Joseph Linsner Means to Me
I hope you're ready for a gushing fan girl post, because that's what this is going to be. I have such a deep and longstanding respect and...
Hey You! Guess What!?
Ko-Fi Membership Tiers are Here! As you may have noticed, by now, I have recently made the update to Membership Tiers over on my Ko-fi...
The Pin Giveaway Winners Have Been Chosen!
I've run the list of Giveaway entries through a randomizer and gathered a list of 3 winners who will be emailed this evening at the email...
I'm Doing Another Giveaway!
I am giving away 3 Acrylic pins featuring my artwork!
I Love My Watercolor Sketchbook
A short tale about making smarter paper choices for my art.
Don't Kill my "Vibe": 3 Simple habits for happier days
I've been trying to live life a little more "mellow" lately. It's been a little bit difficult but not impossible.
I've made WAY too many GIFs...
I'm not sure if I'm exaggerating or not actually. I just thought it would be fun to throw some of my favorite custom GIFs that I've made...
Get Twitchy with It!
Don't forget to follow me over on Twitch! I try my best to stream twice a week. Usually, it's an art and bullshit stream but I do...
A Funny story about basic analytics & Website Security
I figured I'd give a summed up version of this story a little jotting down. It could prove to be educational for some folks. There are...
J. Scott Campbell Appreciation Post!
I found this post, barely started, in the drafts and decided to open it up to finish and post it. What made me laugh out loud is that the...
Website Updates!
Here's a breakdown of the recent updates and improvements that Leanore has made to the site.
My First Art-Print Giveaway!
Hey, Hi, Howdy, and Hello! You didn't read that title incorrectly, I'm hosting a giveaway on my OfficialArtLife Twitter account! What you...
This is a test post...
The best part about this is that I will likely never go back and delete it. If you're reading this... Comment "wahooo!" On a post on my...
Wow... Where do I start?
I am literally just rambling before bed. Post written on my phone. Because I am terrible. Lol
TILT Issue 1: an #Indiecomic Fulfilling & Still in Demand!
TILT is an indie, crowdfunded, comic that is written and developed by Doc Hog. It's an action tale surrounding the character Jennifer Polar.
It's been a while...
I haven't posted and updated blog post in 8 months.
I started a #Podcast!
Get Lost with Leanore is a podcast where Leanore talks about art, comics, movies, shows, and everything that goes along with it!
It has been 6 years & this is STILL my most viewed #video on #Youtube!
Even after being on Youtube for over 6 years, this is still my most viewed video on my channel.
If you Don't like it, Move Along: thoughts on Art Censorship & Rebooting Existing I.P.
My video didn't elaborate much, so I decided to write an article thing about my feelings on art censorship and related topics.
Fresh Youtube content! : I'm making #Art #Videos Again!
Updates on New Video Content and where to view the Art Life Goodness!
Beautiful Monsters are Here!
Beautiful Monsters is a themed art collection by indie artist, Leanore. Featuring unique faces created in traditional watercolor.
It's OK to not be OK.
Have you ever felt less than great? What about hopeless? Do you ever feel like no one cares about what you're feeling or going through?...
I Have to Try Harder.
I am going to have to really push myself to get my shit together & make you guys proud. Here's my situation, and my plans moving forward.
What the Fuck is "Spook Hole"?
Greetings! I'm very excited to announce that I will begin promoting my upcoming web series that I have titled "Spook Hole." This series...
May is gonna be my "Comeback" Month!
I haven't really "gone" anywhere, so that probably sounds really fucking strange for me to be all "I'm making a comeback!" However, it...
I hate Speaking, here's why
I thoroughly and intensely HATE the act of speaking in a conversational manner. The literal act of talking, or being spoken to, drives me...
My #Bisexual Identity Crisis
This is a really strange post for me to write. I don't have the dramatic sob story that typically comes with posts and personal stories...
Heather Antos didn't Troll my Discord Server: But someone did
On March 26th, someone impersonating Heather Antos joined my discord server and posted this: Sure, the post is kinda shitty... but it...
Why #ComicBook Lovers should be reading Alterna Comics
If you're already a comic book lover, or if you're just interested in checking out the medium... Alterna Comics is a MUST HAVE publisher...
Twitter Made me into a Chump
About 6 days ago, someone who I'm not going to give any direct attention to decided that they were suddenly the authority on "good art"...
#MondayMorning: Why do you Forsake Me?
Mondays, for me, are more difficult than most days. At least, usually. This has a lot to do with the fact that I have a day-job at the...
Done with #Patreon? Try #KoFi!
It isn't a secret that Patreon and it's users have been dealing with some issues lately. Either they've been closing down creator...
#HappyHalloween 2018
I'm writing this post in more of an obligatory fashion than anything else at this point. I don't have any plans to put effort into...
Dealing with the #AustinWaterCrisis: a Rant
I've been getting pretty frustrated with the current situation regarding readily available clean water in my hometown and current town of...
#Inktober is kicking my ass
I have utilized the hashtag at random during previous years, but this is the first year I have attempted to keep up with each and every...
Why I haven't finished my #ComicsGate "Article"
You might not even know what article I'm talking about. I spoke about it briefly on Twitter among a few mutuals. The idea being that I...
#CaptainMarvel Character Origins
The trailer for the Highly anticipated Captain Marvel feature film was released today and the internet has exploded. I have embedded the...
I'm sick, So I'm whiny
I'm sick. Sick enough to miss work and I'm actually pretty emotional about it. I currently feel like everyone hates me, and that I am...
New Self Portrait: I impressed myself
I know I was just talking about artists being hard on themselves, and how I'm struggling with my own style and blah blah blah... HOWEVER,...
Art Styles: My Internal Struggle
If you follow me on almost any social media outlet you are probably already pretty aware of my struggle with finding "my style". This...
Discovering Hope: A Short Story
She leaned her body hard against the wall behind her. Her body shook as bitter tears burned through her eyes and poured down her cheeks....
Half-Cocked but Back in Action!
First, I need to start off by thanking EVERYONE who showed me support and encouragement when my digital art tabled stopped working....
The Broken Tablet: My Tale of Woe
If you follow me on Twitter, you already know that I lost my tablet to the creativity gods yesterday. It was a pretty devastating blow,...
Art & Site Updates for July
I realized it had been awhile since I had actually posted a worthwhile update on here. Obviously leading to the creation of the post...
Having a Bad Mental Health Day
It happens to the best of us. A day creeps up on you that's worse than any before it that comes to recent memory. I am currently having...
Create your Own Custom Font without Special Software
I bet you've already sifted through an obscene number of articles detailing to you how to use Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop to create...
Why You Need to Make your Own Custom Fonts
As an artist that would someday like to develop and work on a successful comic of some sort, fonts are something that are frequently on...
#drawthisinyourstyle YoshiSquared's Demon Psychic
I was scrolling through the hashtag #drawthisinyourstyle on Twitter and I came across something by an artist I was already following,...
The Website is ALIVE
After toiling with it for about 2 weeks I felt confident enough to drop the funds on upgrading and launching the website. If you're...
I hate Mornings...
“People who get up early in the morning cause war, death and famine.” ― Banksy, Banging Your Head Against a Brick Wall Every single time...
Insomnia: Part One
Why am I naming this post ''Part One"? I get random bouts of imsomnia pretty often. So often that I am predicting more of these posts....
I'm a professional Amateur.
There is a quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson that has always really resonated with me. Every Artist was First an Amateur. I strongly believe...
My first Blog Confession
I have decided to write my first blog confession. I'm finally in a place where I feel mentally prepared to make these sort of posts. I...
The Wheels on the Bus.
I am an active user of my local public transit system. Meaning if I am going somewhere by myself, I'm likely to be on a bus. No, I'm not...
Does anyone still Use DeviantArt?
DeviantArt was the site that every single teen with a remote interest in art or visual aesthetics was obsessed with when I was younger....
Finding Myself with a Website...
I have no clue how many, if any, of your will recall that I've had some sort of website to fiddle with since I was 13 years old. Well,...